Recording of Vehicle Data

Recording of Vehicle Data

This vehicle is equipped with a computer which records the following main vehicle data related to vehicle controls, operation, and other driving conditions.

Recorded data

- Vehicle conditions such as engine speed and vehicle speed

- Driving operation conditions such as accelerator and brake pedals, and information related to the environmental circumstances while the vehicle is driven

- Malfunction diagnosis information from each on-vehicle computer

- Information related to controls of other on-vehicle computers


The recorded data may vary depending on the vehicle grade and optional equipment. Voice and images are not recorded.

Data handling

Mazda and its subcontracting parties may obtain and use the recorded data for vehicle malfunction diagnosis, research and development, and quality improvement.

Mazda will not disclose or provide any of the obtained data to a third party unless:

- An agreement from the vehicle owner (agreements from lessor and lessee for leased vehicle) is obtained

- Officially requested by the police or other law enforcement authorities

- For statistical processing by a research institution after processing the data so that identification of the owner or the vehicle is impossible

Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS)


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