Body Lubrication

- The top of the fluid level is lower than L (if equipped).

Use plain water if washer fluid is unavailable.

But use only washer fluid in cold weather to prevent it from freezing.


Front and rear washer fluid is supplied from the same reservoir.

Body Lubrication

All moving points of the body, such as door and hood hinges and locks, should be lubricated each time the engine oil is changed. Use a nonfreezing lubricant on locks during cold weather.

Make sure the hood's secondary latch keeps the hood from opening when the primary latch is released.






Washer Fluid

(Page 178)

Brake Fluid ‌‌WARNINGWARNINGWARNING▼ Inspecting Brake Fluid LevelIf the brake fluid level is low, have the brakes inspected:A low b...

Wiper Blades

(Page 180)

Wiper Blades ‌Hot waxes applied by automatic car washers have been known to affect the wiper's ability to clean windows.To prevent

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