Automatic Transaxle

Automatic Transaxle Controls




Lock-release button

Various Lockouts:


Indicates that you must depress the brake pedal and hold in the lock-release button to shift (The ignition must be switched ON).

image Indicates the selector lever can be shifted freely into any position.

image Indicates that you must hold in the lock-release button to shift.


The Sport AT has an option that is not included in the traditional automatic transaxle that gives the driver the option of selecting each gear instead of leaving it to the transaxle to shift gears. Even if you intend to use the automatic transaxle functions as a traditional automatic, you should also be aware that you can inadvertently shift into manual shift mode and an inappropriate gear may be retained as the vehicle speed increases. If you notice the engine speed going higher or hear the engine racing, confirm you have not accidentally slipped into manual shift mode (page 4-67).


Manual Transaxle Shift Pattern

(Page 85)

The shift pattern of the transaxle is conventional, as shown.‌Depress the clutch pedal all the way down while shifting; then release it slowly.Yo...

Automatic Transaxle Controls

(Page 87)

Automatic Transaxle Controls ‌Lock-release buttonVarious Lockouts:Indicates that you must depress the brake pedal and hold in t

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