Cup Holder

Cup Holder

Never use a cup holder to hold hot liquids while the vehicle is moving:

Using a cup holder to hold hot liquids while the vehicle is moving is dangerous. If the contents spill, you could be scalded.

Do not put anything other than cups or drink cans in cup holders:

Putting objects other than cups or drink cans in a cup holder is dangerous.

During sudden braking or maneuvering, occupants could be hit and injured, or objects could be thrown around the vehicle, causing interference with the driver and the possibility of an accident. Only use a cup holder for cups or drink cans.

β–Ό Front

β–Ό Rear*

The rear cup holder is on the rear center armrest.




USB Power Outlet

(Page 178)

USB Power Outlet* The USB power outlets can be used regardless of whether the ignition is switched to ACC or ON.USB power outletUSB power outletU...

Bottle Holder

(Page 180)

Bottle Holder ‌Bottle holders are on the inside of the doors.FrontBottle holderRearCAUTIONCAUTIONCAUTIONBottle holderDo not use the bottl

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