Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition

Basic Operation Method Activating Voice Recognition Press the talk button.

Ending Voice Recognition

Use one of the following methods:

- Press the hang-up button.

- Say, “Cancel”.

- Operate the commander switch or the center display (only when vehicle is stopped).

Skipping Voice Guidance (for faster operation)

Press and release the talk button.

Troubleshooting for Voice Recognition

If you do not understand an operation method while in the voice recognition mode, say “Tutorial” or “Help”.

Commands useable anytime during voice recognition

“Go Back” and “Cancel” are commands which can be used at anytime during voice recognition.

Returning to previous operation

To return to the previous operation, say, “Go Back” while in voice recognition mode.


To put the Bluetooth® Hands-Free system in standby mode, say, “Cancel” while in voice recognition mode.

To prevent a deterioration in the voice recognition rate and voice quality, the following points should be observed:


- The voice recognition cannot be performed while voice guidance or the beep sound is operating. Wait until the voice guidance or the beep sound is finished before saying your commands.

- Phone related commands are available only when your phone is connected via Bluetooth®. Make sure your phone is connected via Bluetooth® before you operate phone related voice commands.

- Music play commands, such as Play Artist and Play Album can be used only in USB audio mode.

- Do not speak too slowly or loudly (no loud voice).

- Speak clearly, without pausing between words or numbers.

- Dialects or different wording other than hands-free prompts cannot be recognized by voice recognition. Speak in the wording specified by the voice commands.

- It is not necessary to face the microphone or approach it. Speak the voice commands while maintaining a safe driving position.

- Close the windows and/or the moonroof to reduce loud noises from outside the vehicle, or turn down the airflow of the climate control system while Bluetooth® Hands-Free is being used.

- Make sure the vents are not directing air up towards the microphone.


If the voice recognition performance is not satisfactory.


Refer to Troubleshooting on page 5-79. image

Voice Command List

Voice command

When the talk button is pressed and the following command is spoken, the audio or navigation can be operated. The commands in the () can be omitted. The specified name and number are put into the {}.

Standard command

Voice command



Usable commands can be verified.


Basic voice commands and methods of use can be verified.

(Navigate/Take me/Drive) Home

Set the destination to Home.

Communication (phone) related command

Voice command


Call {name in phonebook} (mobile/ home/work/other)

Example: “Call John Mobile”

Call to the contact in the downloaded phonebook. Refer to Making a Call on page 5-64.


Call to the last contact you called. Refer to Making a Call on page 5-64.


Call to the last contact who called you. Refer to Making a Call on page 5-64.

Entertainment (audio) related command

Voice command


Corresponding audio source

(Go to/Play) Bluetooth (Audio)

Switches the audio source to BT audio.

Can also switch to each audio source by similarly us- ing commands such as FM, AM, or USB.


Play Artist {Artist name}

Plays the selected artist.


Navigation related command*

For the navigation screen voice commands, refer to the separate navigation system manual.


- Some commands cannot be used depending on the grade and specification.

- Some commands cannot be used depending on the device connection conditions and the use conditions.

- The commands are examples of the available commands.

*Some models. 5-75

Bluetooth® Hands-Free

(Page 167)

Bluetooth® Hands-Free ▼ Making a CallFor Mazda Connect, making calls is possible using any of the following six methods:- Phonebook downloaded from ...


(Page 169)

Settings NOTEDepending on the grade and specification, the screen display may differ.Select the icon on the home scre

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