Operating the Satellite Radio

What is satellite radio?

SiriusXM® All Access Subscription.


Hopefully, you're already loving SiriusXM in your new Mazda. But don't stop there

— you can also listen on the app and online. All Access is the very best subscription package – with the most channels and the most flexibility. With All Access, you get every channel available on satellite radio, plus you can listen on the app and online — so you can enjoy SiriusXM wherever you are. Here's what's included:

-Over 150 satellite channels to enjoy in your car, coast-to-coast, 24/7.

-All kinds of commercial-free music, plus every major sport, world-class news and the biggest names in talk & entertainment.

-All of our premium programming, including Howard Stern, every NFL, MLB®, and NBA game, NHL® games, every NASCAR® race, 24/7 talk channels dedicated to the biggest leagues, and much more.

All SiriusXM services require a subscription, sold separately or as a package by SiriusXM Radio Inc. (or, in Canada, SiriusXM Canada Inc.), after any trial subscription which may be included with your vehicle purchase or lease. To subscribe after your trial subscription, call 1-877-447-0011 (U.S.A.) or

1-877-438-9677 (Canada).

It is prohibited to copy, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, hack, manipulate, or otherwise make available any technology or software incorporated in receivers compatible with the SiriusXM satellite radio service or that support the SiriusXM website, the online service or any of its content. Furthermore, the AMBE® voice compression software included in this product is protected by intellectual property rights including patent rights, copyrights, and trade secrets of Digital Voice Systems, Inc. The SiriusXM Service may include traffic, weather and other content and emergency alert information and data. Such information and data is not for “safety for life”, but is merely supplemental and advisory in nature and, therefore, cannot be relied upon as safety critical. Neither SiriusXM nor Mazda is responsible for any errors in accuracies in the SiriusXM data services or its use in applications. The SiriusXM content is subject to change without notice.


Displaying the Radio ID

When channel 0 is selected, the radio ID is displayed. Use the PREVIOUS or NEXT channel buttons to select channel 0.

*Some models. 5-31

SiriusXM® operation


Select the image icon on the home screen to display the Entertainment screen. When is selected, the following icons are indicated in the bottom part of the center display.




Displays the Entertainment menu. Use to switch to a different audio source.

image image

image image

image image

Displays the channel list of the current category.


Displays the favorites list. Long-press to store the channel currently being aired. Refer to Operating the Radio on page 5-27.


Plays each channel in the current channel list for 6 seconds. Select again to continue receiving the channel.

The function can be selected when the Tune Scan™ setting is turned off.


Each channel programmed to Smart Favorite is played for 6 seconds.

The function can be selected when all of the following conditions are met.

- Two or more music channels have been programmed to Smart Favorite

- The Tune Scan™ setting is ON


Displays in red while a station in a TuneMix™ channel is being broadcast. The TuneMix™ broadcast ends when the icon is pressed.


(During TuneMix™ broadcast/Tune Scan™ operation)

Returns to the beginning of the previous song.


Plays a radio. When selected again, playback is temporarily stopped.


(During TuneMix™ broadcast/Tune Scan™ operation)

Advances to the beginning of the next song.


(When in a mode other than TuneMix™/Tune Scan™)

Plays the previous channel.


(When in a mode other than TuneMix™/Tune Scan™)

Plays the next channel.


Displays the setting screen.


Displays sound settings to adjust audio quality level. Refer to Volume/Display/Sound Controls on page 5-24.

Selection from channel list

Receivable channels can be displayed on the channel list screen. You can easily select the channel you want to listen from

the list. Each category can be also displayed.



1. Select the   icon to display the channel list.

2. Select a desired channel.

(Select from category list)

1. Select the image icon to display the channel list.

2. Select image to display the category list.

3. Select a desired category.

Creating TuneMix™ Channel

The music channels programmed to Smart Favorite can be programmed to the TuneMix™ Channel.


- Smart Favorite can be programmed by selecting image on the SiriusXM Settings screen.

- The TuneMix™ Channel cannot be

created unless two or more SiriusXM music channels have been programmed to Smart Favorite.

1. Select the image icon to display the channel list.

2. Select the image tab.

3. Select image.

4. Select image.

5. Select the desired music channel to the TuneMix™ Channel.

6. Select image to register the TuneMix™ Channel.

Parental lock

If a channel is locked, the channel is muted.

To use the parental lock function, the PIN code must be initialized first.

By using the session lock, the parental lock can be enabled or disabled during the current drive cycle (from when the ignition is switched on to switched off).

When the session lock is on, the parental lock is available. When the session lock is off, the parental lock is temporarily canceled.

When canceling the parental lock or session lock, or when changing the PIN code, PIN code input is required.

PIN code reset

If the registered code has been forgotten, reset the code to the default [0000] code.

1. Select the image icon.

2. Select image.

3. Select image.

4. Input the default code [0000] using the number buttons.

5. Select image.

6. Input the new PIN code using the number buttons.

7. Select image.


How to use SiriusXM Travel Link®

SiriusXM Travel Link®

Properly equipped Mazda vehicles will also get the following SiriusXM infotainment services : Traffic, Weather, Sports Scores, Fuel Prices, and more. For a list of available features in your vehicle, visit SiriusXM.com/infotainment and get the most out of your driving experience.

Switching to SiriusXM Travel Link®

1. Select image on the home screen to display the Applications screen.

2. Select image.

3. Select the item you want to display.


Some items cannot be selected while you are driving the vehicle.



Traffic Plus*1

Displays continuously updated traffic information on the navigation screen in real time.

Weather Forecast

Displays the weather forecast.

Weather Radar*1

Displays items such as weather radar, severe storms, and hurricane/tropi- cal storm information on the navigation screen.

Weather Alerts

Displays weather information, WARNINGs, and security alerts.

Fuel Prices

Displays information for fuel stations near your vehicle's current position.


Displays information for parking areas near your vehicle's current posi- tion.


Displays a list of each genre list and the game schedules and match results for teams selected from the list.

Subscription Information

Displays the subscription status for the above items.

*1 With Car navigation system

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