Home screen

Home screen






Information such as average fuel economy, maintenance, and WARNINGs can be verified. Depending on the grade and specification, the screen display may differ.



Operates audio such as the radio. The audio source most recently used is displayed. An audio source which cannot be used at that time is skipped and the previous audio source is displayed.

To change the audio source, select the image icon displayed at the bottom of the screen.



Bluetooth® related functions are available.



Navigation screen is displayed (vehicles with navigation system).

If the SD card for the navigation system is not inserted, the compass indicating the direc- tion in which the vehicle is moving is displayed.

The compass may not indicate the correct bearing when the vehicle is stopped or traveling at a slow speed.



Overall setting menu (Such as display, sound, Bluetooth® and Language). Depending on the grade and specification, the screen display may differ.

Basic Operation Method

(Page 151)

Basic Operation Method ‌NOTE- The explanation of functions described in this manual may differ from the actual operation, an...

Volume/Display/Sound Controls

(Page 153)

Volume/Display/Sound Controls Commander switch Audio control switchVolume switchVolume switchVolume switchVolume dial▼ Volume

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