Audio Set

Basic Operation Method


- The explanation of functions described in this manual may differ from the actual operation, and the shapes of screens and buttons and the letters and characters displayed may also differ from the actual appearance.

Additionally, depending on future software updates, the content may successively change without notice.

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Audio Set has 3 different human interfaces.

- Commander switch

- Touch panel

- Voice recognition with steering switch and microphone Refer to Voice Recognition on page 5-74.

Commander switch operation


For safety reasons, some operations are disabled while the vehicle is being driven.

Volume dial operation

Volume dial


Press the volume dial to mute and pause. However, while an audio source which cannot be paused such as FM radio is playing, only mute is available. Press the volume dial again to resume the audio.

Turn the volume dial to adjust the volume. The volume increases by turning the dial clockwise, and decreases by turning it counterclockwise.

Switches around commander knob


The following operations can be done by pressing the switches around the commander knob.

image : Displays the home screen.

image : Displays the Entertainment screen.

image : Displays the Navigation screen (Only navigation-equipped vehicles). For operation of the Navigation screen, refer to the navigation system manual. If the SD card for the navigation system is not inserted, the compass indicating the direction in which the vehicle is moving is displayed.

image : Displays the Favorites screen. Long-press to store particular items in Favorites. (Radio, phonebook and destination of the navigation system can be programmed.)

image : Returns to previous screen.

Commander knob operation


(Selection of icons on screen)

1. Tilt or turn the commander knob and move the cursor to the desired icon.

2. Press the commander knob and select the icon.


Long-press operation of the commander knob is also possible for some functions.

Touch panel operation



Do not press the screen strongly or press it with a sharp-pointed object. Otherwise, the screen could be damaged.


For safety reasons, operation of the center display is disabled while the vehicle is being driven. However, items not displayed in gray can be operated using the commander switch while the vehicle is being driven.


Touch & Tap

1. Touch or tap on the item indicated on the screen.

2. The operation is launched and the next item is displayed.


Slide (USB audio only)

1. Touch the setting item displaying a slider bar.

2. Touch the slider with your finger and move to the desired level.

image image


1. Touch the screen with your finger and move up or down.

2. Items which were not displayed can be displayed.

image image

Return to previous screen

1. Touch the image.

Displaying the home screen

1. Touch the image.



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Basic Operation Method

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Basic Operation Method ‌NOTE- The explanation of functions described in this manual may differ from the actual operation, an

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