Interior Features

Interior Features

Use of various features for ride comfort, including air-conditioning and audio system.


Climate Control System. 5-4

Operating Tips. 5-4

Vent Operation. 5-5

Manual Type. 5-7

Fully Automatic Type. 5-11

Before Using the Audio System. 5-15

Audio Control Switch. 5-15

AUX/USB. 5-16

Antenna. 5-18

Audio Set. 5-19

Basic Operation Method. 5-19

Home screen. 5-23

Volume/Display/Sound Controls. 5-24

Operating the Radio. 5-27

Operating the Satellite Radio* ...........


. 5-31

How to use AUX mode. 5-35

How to use USB mode. 5-36

How to use Apple CarPlay™* ...........

. 5-41

How to use Android Auto™ mode* 5-44

Bluetooth® 5-48

Bluetooth® Preparation. 5-51

Available Language. 5-53

Bluetooth® Audio. 5-54

How to Use Pandora®* 5-57

How to Use Aha™. 5-59

How to Use Stitcher™ Radio 5-62

Bluetooth® Hands-Free. 5-64

Voice Recognition. 5-74

Settings. 5-76

Applications. 5-78

Troubleshooting. 5-79

Appendix. 5-85

Things You Need to Know. 5-85

*Some models. 5-1



Interior Equipment. 5-91

Sunvisors. 5-91

Interior Lights. 5-92

Accessory Sockets 5-96

USB Power Outlet* 5-98

Cup Holder. 5-99

Bottle Holder. 5-100

Storage Compartments. 5-100




Parking Sensor System

(Page 140)

Parking Sensor System* The parking sensors use ultrasonic sensors which detect obstructions around the vehicle when the vehicle ...

Climate Control System

(Page 142)

Operating Tips ‌- Operate the climate control system with the engine running.- To prevent the battery from being discharged, do not leave

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